Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal Are My Favorite Birds. This is the story of how they became my favorites:

Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal are (besides my favorite birds) some of the most regular birds at my feeders. One time they weren’t, in fact, they didn’t even come to my feeders. I was really worried about them! It was last winter. One day I wanted to photograph & film the cardinals because I was getting bored of the blue jays (I never thought that would happen) and I realized they hardly visited my feeders anymore. Then, one day in late fall, I looked out the window and there he was, eating at my ground feeder (which is now a platform, thanks to the squirrels). I watched for him the next few days but I didn’t see him for days, weeks, and months. Soon Christmas & January were over and he still wasn’t coming, even when there was big snow falls! Then one day in February I saw Mrs. Cardinal hunting for seeds in 8+ inches of snow. I was wondering why she didn’t just go to the ground feeder that I had just dug out of the snow! She left after a while and I didn’t see another cardinal until March, when Mr. Cardinal came and ate from the ground feeder while the snow was melting. Then they didn’t come back until the last day of April. It was one morning when I went out to put my film camera on near the ground feeder so it would film the cardinals if they came. As I was just about to walk down the stairs of my deck, I saw him, and he was looking at me! After a few seconds he flew away, but don’t worry, he came back! That day he came so many times I couldn’t count! It happened the same for about 2 months, then it was their nesting time! They started feeding each other and flying to the nest in the tree outside our front door! Mr. Cardinal would defend the territory and keep feeding Mrs. Cardinal and help her feed the babies. They did this until they had fully fledged fledglings. Then it was time to leave their nest. I was sad, but I still saw them at my feeder feeding their babies every day, until their babies needed their own territories and left to see the world. I saw one of their babies only once more after after that. Now Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal live alone in the woods near my house and come regularly to the feeders. I always get excited when I hear them chirping a signal that means they’re coming to the feeders. I will always remember them…………

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